Volunteer Botanicals

From Unknown Entity To Industry Upstart

WKRN Tennessee news broadcast interview of Volunteer Botanicals’ Co-Founder, Jason Pickle

(Coverage secured by The 9th Block)


Our Journey with Volunteer Botanicals:

An ambitious start-up in the burgeoning Tennessee hemp industry, Volunteer Botanicals is focused on creating the cannabinoid ingredients of the future, all from its scenic headquarters near Nashville, Tennessee. The company’s patent-pending Lipid Neutralization System (LNS) creates “flowable” powder cannabinoids, enabling product developers to create customized products with cannabinoids, terpenes and additional nutraceutical ingredients that meet precise standards of consistency, potency, measurability and reliability. LNS powders homogenize flawlessly in precise formulations for capsules, tablets and other supplement and pharmaceutical products, enabling entirely new product lines. But as successful as the company’s technology has proven to be, few outside the start-up’s circle of contacts were aware of LNS or its capabilities. 

The Volunteer Botanicals team contacted The 9th Block wondering how they take the next step from a company quietly developing its technology to one shouting about it to the world. Company leaders wanted to establish its credibility in the larger cannabis and hemp industry while identifying new potential customers and business partners in traditional industries i.e. Nutraceuticals. The 9th Block developed a media and business networking outreach plan focused on leveraging the LNS technology, Volunteer Botanicals’ unique position as a leader in Tennessee and the innovative nutraceutical and pharmaceutical implications of the company’s technology. Utilizing a combination of press release/byline development and distribution, thought leadership article placement, trade show conference participation and direct networking, The 9th Block helped propel Volunteer Botanicals to new heights of industry awareness. 

The results speak for themselves: Today, Volunteer Botanicals enjoys an established and growing presence in the cannabis and hemp industries, with new inbound partnership opportunities occurring weekly, a partnership resulting in a groundbreaking new product release called Prolifera, and conversations with international MLM companies. The company has been featured in numerous publications inside and out of the cannabis space, with key coverage occurring in MG Retailer, MJBiz Magazine, and Nutraceuticals World. In addition, The 9th Block’s business development team worked with Volunteer Botanicals to identify potential new networking opportunities and industry influencers that can help propel the LNS technology. As a result, Volunteer Botanicals is currently developing its first Medical Science Advisory Board, recruiting leading experts from across the cannabis research industry to serve on the board and is planning a pharmacokinetic study at Yale University.


  • Media coverage secured in top cannabis trade publications, broadcast television and industry podcasts – see coverage highlights.
  • Press Releases averaged 70 “full text” placements
  • Addressable audience of  65+ million readers