Silver Stem Fine Cannabis

Packaging Design and Strain Branding

Final Silver Stem flower packaging 

(Designed and photographed by The 9th Block)


Branding that brings products to life:

Silver Stem is a Colorado based vertically integrated operator with 8 dispensaries throughout the Denver and Portland metro areas. They got their start in the early days of Colorado’s medical market and have continued their march forward adding in growing facilities and additional retail dispensaries regularly. 

The 9th Block was commissioned to develop strain specific packaging that represented the new face of Silver Stem’s in-house products. We re-imaged Silver Stems’ logo into a custom pattern that became the backdrop to all of their packaging and eventually even wrapped the windows of their retail stores. The 9th Block took creative twists on strain classics to develop packaging so eclectic you could taste the product flavor before even opening the packaging.

Through creative logo use, iconic strain branding, and quality level indicative packaging, The 9th Block evolved Silver Stem past current industry standards and into a category of their own.

To take an in-depth look at each strain brand we created, head on over to Silver Stem’s blog.