CBD Ecommerce Website


Moving from a concept to a trusted voice:

O2Holistic was created by Dana E. Shoched to help those seeking wellness relief from the growing number of high-quality CBD products available today. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Shoched founded leading cannabis vaping manufacturer O2VAPE out of her garage in 2013 and has guided the company to phenomenal growth.

O2Holistic was created to help those seeking wellness relief navigate the vast number of CBD products available today. Choosing the right product can be tasking, that is, if you even know where to start. O2Holistic takes the hard work out of the consumer’s wellness routine by providing the best CBD products in one convenient location. O2Holistic is focused on providing safe, high-quality products for consumers seeking relief through alternative medicines.

O2Holistic approached The 9th Block at the inception of the idea. We helped them bring this concept to reality by providing general strategy guidance up front, followed by swift execution. We built key messages for O2Holistic which shine through the website, as well as the paragraphs above. This prepared us to design and build a website that speaks directly to their audience in the most effective manner.

The website build consisted of a full stack, custom ecommerce website. This website was built through WordPress with the right integrations to make order fulfillment and customer service a breeze. We implemented foundational SEO and continue to build their presence by publishing a blog each month for O2Holistic. We also integrated an email marketing service and built various email campaigns for O2Holistic including a welcome drip and abandoned cart drip campaign.

We followed this effort by implementing various email marketing campaigns including a welcome drip and abandoned cart drip campaign. O2Holistic still works closely with The 9th Block as we continue to drive engagement through PR, email marketing and sales support.