Dispensary Website


Serving cannabis patients of Arkansas:


Hash&Co. got its start in the early stages of the Arkansas medical cannabis market while licenses were limited but medical cards were not. With limited competition but a large medical consumer base, Hash&Co. was in a race to attract the most customers that’d become loyal visitors in the long run and knew the best way to gain traction was online.

They needed a way to connect with customers and share product information. The 9th Block stepped in to build a custom WordPress website from the ground up, ensuring the site was optimized for customers looking for the menu and search engines looking to index the company.

In addition to an integrated, live menu, we included patient resources to help those in Arkansas learn more about cannabis, get comfortable with the plant and understand their options in the area. This also helped establish Hash&Co. as a trusted retailer, not to mention the SEO linking that was involved to boost domain authority.

From day one of the website being live, Hash&Co. has seen ever increasing traffic, subscribers and never ending complements for the tasteful, ergonomic website!