The Road to Launching a Product (or three)

Gofire customer testimonial video 

(Produced by The 9th Block team)



Building a community for better health:

Gofire, is a medical device company focused on building metered dose inhalers for cannabis patients. These inhalers allow patients to consume vaporized extracts in metered increments, track the products chemical profile through an app and even heat the dosed concentrate to within a degree of the users choosing – giving complete control of the medicating experience.

The 9th Block team’s executive staff initially meet while leading the Sales and Marketing arm of this cannabis focused tech company. Having stepped in as early employees and leaders of the staff, our team helped in every aspect of the consumer engagement, lead nurturing, and closing process. From website design and press release writing, to brand partnerships and video production, The 9th block built Gofire’s public image into one of the leading tech companies in the emerging cannabis industry.

As a result of these efforts, Gofire had one of the most talked-about technologies in the space, its CEO was in constant demand for speaking opportunities at cannabis conferences and the brand landed consistent media coverage in all cannabis trades in addition to feature articles in Bloomberg, Forbes and Rolling Stone to name a few.

Through this journey, The 9th Block learned important lessons about the ever changing and fast paced cannabis industry that are used daily to help other clients avoid the pitfalls of an emerging industry.