Building a brand is about more than creating a colorful logo and a catchy slogan. It involves crafting an evolving story that maps your product or service to customer needs and desires.

The 9th Block is a full-service Growth marketing agency.

We help organizations tell their story through brand development, public relations outreach and digital marketing.

Meet T9b

Our team came together at Denver’s Broadway and 9th Avenue – first as work collaborators, then as fast friends, and now as partners at The 9th Block to build a team devoted to helping brands improve their presence, expand their reach and generate growth.

We are inspired creative thinkers, fervent strategists, and strong communicators. But most of all, we’re people. We take a human-centric approach toward building your business and focus on driving progress for your brand in the long term, rather than planning for one-off successes.

We combine more than 40 years of branding, public relations and digital marketing experience to help clients develop their brand, decipher and develop their public message, and optimize their digital presence.

What We Do

Public Relations


Digital Marketing